Hidradenitis Suppurativa in Plano, TX & Desoto,TX

Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS) is a chronic skin condition characterized by recurrent, painful infections and scarring, primarily occurring in areas where skin rubs together, such as the armpits, groin, buttocks, and under the breasts. The condition arises from the blockage of hair follicles and subsequent inflammation, often leading to tunneling wounds or tracts under the skin. Treatment for HS focuses on reducing inflammation, managing pain, and preventing new flare-ups. It may include medications, topical treatments, and, in more severe cases, surgical interventions to remove the affected tissue.

For those suffering from Hidradenitis Suppurativa, Noble Cosmetic Surgery offers comprehensive treatment options to reduce symptoms and improve quality of life. Suitable candidates for treatment typically have persistent or severe symptoms that do not respond well to standard skincare or over-the-counter medicines. Results can vary; some patients may see improvements relatively quickly, while others may require long-term strategies to maintain control over the condition. If you are struggling with symptoms of HS, book an appointment at Noble Cosmetic Surgery in Plano, TX & Desoto, TX, today to explore your treatment options and start on the path to relief.

Benefits of using skincare for Hidradenitis Suppurativa include

  • Reduces the risk of infection by keeping affected areas clean.
  • Minimizes the severity of flare-ups by maintaining skin hygiene.
  • It helps manage pain and discomfort associated with abscesses.
  • Moisturizes the skin, preventing dryness and potential complications.
  • Limits the occurrence of new nodules and abscesses.
  • Supports faster healing of open wounds with appropriate care.
  • Decreases skin inflammation through targeted treatments.
  • Improves the overall appearance of affected skin areas.
  • Enhances patient comfort and daily quality of life.
  • Provides a non-invasive option before considering surgical solutions.


Individuals with mild to moderate HS who seek to manage symptoms and prevent new outbreaks.

Some improvement can be expected within weeks of consistent skincare use, although results vary by individual.

Continuous use is typically necessary to maintain results, with adjustments based on symptom severity and response to treatment.

Skincare treatments are generally well-tolerated with minimal side effects, primarily focusing on topical management.

Before starting treatment, a thorough skin assessment should be conducted by a healthcare provider. After treatment, follow care instructions to manage symptoms and reduce flare-ups.

Expect routine application of topical agents to reduce inflammation and maintain the affected areas’ cleanliness, along with regular monitoring by a healthcare professional.

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