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Dr. Obasi receives Excellence in Medicine award as one of the best doctors in Texas!

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Liposuction performed by Dr. Patrick Obasi has given this patient a whole new level of confidence

Dasha Nicole: I know a lot of people wanted to know more about my whole liposuction journey here. I did get my lipo done in Dallas. I got it done by a black doctor at that! So that was a great experience to have. It really doesn’t matter what color your doctor is but you know It was just great for me to see – black excellence doing excellence on excellence (laughs) but without further ado, I am going to go ahead and play the vlog, I already prerecorded it and I will be revealing the name of my doctor in between the vlog so make sure you stay tuned. I have an appointment at 11.30 in Plano. Look at these y’all!

Dr. Patrick Obasi: Hello my dear!

Dasha Nicole: Hi! And I am blogging

Dr. Patrick Obasi: Oh you are blogging, oh okay so you are going to make me famous – (laughs)

Staff: can you sign this receipt for me right here. And here is your copy!

Dasha Nicole: Yay!

Staff: Okay honey you are in good hands – I know right.

Dasha Nicole: My friend Deanna was my driver the day of the surgery. She is stopping to get some Starbucks but of course, I can’t eat or drink anything after midnight the previous night before surgery so. So here are these little disposable thongs. I have a special suit I am completely undressed. (Checked my weight before surgery) I just got done taking some medicine took some Xanax, hydro’s – (I hate meds but they made me so relaxed), and another antibiotic.

Alright all, so this is what came out of me he got a lot of fat out of my stomach so those who are saying I didn’t need lipo – here is the proof. This black thing is a binder and I could not take it off for 72 hours, but I did notice that I started to bruise immediately after surgery during this time the pain was moderate. So I felt the pain but it was pain that I could handle.

And this is me being disobedient after 48 hours, I was so curious to see what was going on up under the black binder – so I took it off and low and behold I saw all of the blood coming through the maxi pads and of course I was about to change out the pads because you are supposed to change out the pads i think every 24 to 48 hours because you will be draining a lot so this is what I am doing here.

Right this is the 2nd day. (Started eating clean for faster healing) so we are having salmon tacos with avocado. So I got a massage and then the massage lady told me to put on my 5 highs so yeah!

Hi welcome back to the channel! (Anywhere between 5 – 7 days post-op) this was like the 5th day after my surgery I was already outside y’all. I text my doctor and asked him I could drink, he said I could have a moderate drink but I still played it safe and I just did a water with lemon.

Alright so after my lipo, I tried to hit the ground running so when I went out, I wore this outfit that had my stomach out on the side when I came home, the shirt was imprinted in my stomach like you could see the everything on the shirt that was around my waist was imprinted on my stomach and my stomach was still hard and it still had a lot of fluid in it, so I kind of like, I still went out but I took my time with healing, and it is September, I am like 95% sure these are my final results of my stomach so. It looks pretty good, it looks very natural – he did his thing.

Doctor Obasi did this – so the name of my doctor his name is Patrick Obasi super professional he checked on me after my surgery, him and his staff are so wonderful like I said I didn’t get anything added on to me. I love all the features that I have already I just did like the stomachs. Yeah! Lipo just put me on a whole other level of confidence. I always knew I was cute but I was always a little, when my homegirls come around and they have their flat stomachs in their pieces and crop tops I was like hey man I want to wear crop tops but I can’t – I found out how to do it, and I did it for me so if you are going to get any type of work done, just do it for you, and don’t care what anybody else says. Make sure your body is good, people will love to laugh at a BBL – for a BBL make sure of your body type is fit for it, but if you are just going to get lipo there is nothing, they just suck in fat deposits out of your stomachs. Pain level – I handle the pain. I took care of myself, me and my boyfriend broke up like a month before my surgery and I still didn’t get weak enough to call him and say hey can you come over and help me out, like I was able to take care of myself and shame on him! That is why he got the big belly Dasha – he didn’t get the small belly Dasha. (laughs) there is your vlog!
And I hope it gave what it needs to give and you’ll go see my boy – you’ll go check him out.

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Liposuction performed by Dr. Patrick Obasi has given this patient a whole new level of confidence

Are you looking for a great cosmetic clinic? It can be an overwhelming process if you’re not sure where to start your search. Don’t worry we’re here to make things easy. Because today we’re catching up with a local cosmetic procedures expert who will help you find a great professional that will have you looking your best.

I’m often asked by patients and friends how to go about finding the right cosmetic surgeon. The problems patients face is that there are so many cosmetic and plastic surgeons around who claim that they can make one look another person that has a depiction seen on TV or television. One thing patients tend to forget is that these claims are not always the truth. A good cosmetic surgeon will only create a younger version of you and make you look your natural best. Finding the best cosmetic surgeon really depends on finding what you as a patient wants and not what the surgeon claims they can do. Another problem that patients face is economical, patients are often torn between going to a cosmetic surgeon that charges lower prices versus going to another surgeon who charges higher prices but has more expertise in the field of the procedure that the patient is interested in. That being said I would like to give out a few tips, as to finding a great cosmetic surgeon.

First question to ask is to find out from the surgeon if they have a great reputation. You want to find out if the surgeon is reputable, what are their referable basis, do their previous patients and colleagues feel comfortable or confident of sending other patients to them? After you find a reputable surgeon, find out if they have the expertise and training in the area that you are interested in. Find out where they did their training and look at their before and after pictures. See the quality of their work, talk to some of previous and current patients if possible, do they offer best quality at affordable value then ask where they performed their surgeries and if you can reach them after hours. Remember accessibility is very important. Would you be able to reach your surgeon at odd hours if you have any questions or concerns? What about the knowledge and friendliness of the staff? Make sure the facilities are located in a safe and clean environment. Personally, the last thing I would look for is to find out from my surgeon how many ways he can address a problem if it arises. Cosmetic surgery is not as simple as taking a cookie cutter approach to every situation. A good cosmetic surgeon is creative in his solutions and individualizes the service to his patients. Our expertise is in breast procedures and body contouring surgeries, and we focus on helping our patients getting their self-confidence back and also helping them look their natural best. To learn more, please simply visit us at where you can meet the surgeon and learn about the services we offer. You can also call us at 214-227-0668 we will be happy to help you achieve your goals. Because at Noble Cosmetic Surgery our patients are the key to our success and we achieve our goals with one patient at a time. We are very trustworthy and patient-focused. Thank you so much.

There you have it; things are already looking brighter are they? All it takes is the right professional. To find out more information contact today’s expert on the number on your screen. Thanks for watching!

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Dr. Obasi – Excision and Repair of Droopy Earlobe After Gauges

Dr. Obasi walks us through his surgical procedure for correcting drooping earlobes from gauges. After numbing the area, he proceeds to excise and neatly stitch up the earlobes.

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Breast Reduction at Noble Cosmetic Surgery by Dr. Patrick Obasi

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Breast Augmentation Using Fat at Noble Cosmetic Surgery

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Breast Augmentation Using the “No Touch“ Keller Funnel Technique at Noble Cosmetic Surgery

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Breast augmentation explained by Dr. Patrick Obasi

Dr. Patrick Obasi explains how he performs breast augmentation in his practice. he also explains the two types of implants available at his practice. To learn more about breast augmentation and other similar procedures by Dr. Patrick Obasi click here

How is breast augmentation done at your practice?

Every patient who comes in here we listen to them, they tell us what their chief complaint is and what they want you to help them achieve.

After listening to them we examine them, and we tell them the appropriate treatment that they need.

What does breast augmentation do?

Breast augmentation what it does is enhances what you already have. So, you have to talk to the patient and let them know that breast augmentation just enhances what you have.

At the same time, you have to let them know that breast augmentation mainly is about proportion.

How do you figure out who is a good candidate?

Because somebody may walk in and say they want maybe 800cc or 650cc they may not be a good candidate for that.

You have to look at the breasts, the scan and do accurate measurements first and make sure that at the end of the day they get what they are asking for.

Are there different types of implants available?

Right now, there are two FDA approved implants. One is silicone and the other is saline.

Once again you have to examine the patient and find out who they are candidates for. Because most people get silicone implants but for people who are very thin and who do not have a lot of breast issue they may not be a candidate for saline.

Dr. Obasi can talk with you to determine if you’re a good candidate for the Breast Augmentation procedure. Request a consultation with Dr. Obasi by phone 214 – 617-1672 (Plano) & 214 – 617-1682 (Desoto) or online.

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Introduction to fat graft to the breasts as an alternative to breast implants with Dr. Patrick Obasi

Dr. Patrick Obasi shows us a breast augmentation surgery done with fat grafted from the client’s own fatty deposits. Liposuction is done on the abdomen and thighs and then grafted into the breast creating a more natural look than breast implants.

Good Morning, I am doctor Patrick Obasi of Noble Cosmetic Surgery. My patient is a female who will have right breast augmentation. Her abdomen and thighs are flat and the fat is to be transferred to the breast, fat transferred to the breast as you know is called a breast augmentation. So today this lady has had liposuction on her belly and her thighs. She had the fat very well which works well for the breast. So stay tuned and we will show you the end result after the liposuction.

So we finished the first procedure which is the liposuction of the abdomen and thighs of the client. Right now what we are doing is grafting the fat to the breast. After liposuction for the abdomen of the client we take away the fluid and the light fat cells so what we are about to do is put the fat into the breast. What I like to do is to go under the muscle and crisscross everything to get all the areas. That can fit in very well. So stay tuned we will show you the end result.

This is Doctor Patrick Obasi at Noble Cosmetic Surgery. As you can see we have finished the fat grafting for the breast, so you can see that it is symmetrical now, this was done at Noble Cosmetic Surgery.

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Get your body look amazing with a Brazilian Butt Lift by Dr. Patrick Obasi

Brazilian Butt Lift is preferred by many as it uses its own tissue. Dr. Patrick Obasi explains the perfect candidates for Brazilian Butt lift and how he performs this procedure at Noble Cosmetic Surgery Plano, TX, with modern technology like liposuction machines and special grafting instruments.
If you are interested in getting into that amazing body shape you dream of, call Dr. Patrick Obasi today to fix your appointment.

Do you offer Brazilian Butt Lift procedure in your practice?
Brazilian Butt Lift is very popular among my patients.

Who is a good candidate for this procedure?
Not everybody is a good candidate for a Brazilian butt lift. To do this procedure we have to examine the patient and remember it is your own fat, and what we get is what we put in.

Someone who comes in for this procedure who doesn’t have any fat is not a candidate for it.

Do people prefer this procedure?
Brazilian Butt Lift is an alternative to butt implant with silicon. Most people these days prefer a Brazilian butt lift because it is your own tissue. We have a special machine a liposuction machine and we have a special grafting instrument.

How does the procedure work?
Once again not everyone is a candidate, we must examine you to see where the fat can be taken out from and see how we can help you achieve your goal.

At the end of the day, it’s the professional and the controlling that matters, it’s not how big the butt looks but how you control the butt and what the patient has in mind.

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Perfect your body with Liposuction – Dr. Patrick Obasi

Dr. Patrick Obasi, MD. FACS, FAACS of Noble Cosmetic Surgery of Plano, Texas, explains how to achieve your goal of Perfecting your Body Shape through Liposuction. Dr. Patrick Obasi performs the liposuction most suitable for each patient only after listening to their concerns and providing all details required by the patient to be happy during and after the procedure.

What areas of the body do you treat using liposuction?

It all depends on what their chief complaint is. The first thing you have to do is, listen to the patient and know their chief complaint.

How do you achieve a patient’s expected goals?

After listening to them, you examine them and see. Ideally get an idea of what they are asking for, and what else you can do to help them achieve their goals.

How do you proceed with the treatment?

If you rush in and do a liposuction in isolation it might not achieve the best goal for them or for yourself as a surgeon. So, you have to advise the patients properly, look at their goal and then you see what you can do to help them.

Book an appointment with Dr. Obasi today: schedule your appointment online or call the office.

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Get a great body shape through a Tummy Tuck – Dr. Patrick Obasi

What makes tummy tucks so effective? Dr. Patrick Obasi from Nobel Cosmetic Surgery Plano, Texas, explains the Tummy Tuck procedure in this video. Tummy Tuck is a traditional Plastic surgery method ideal for someone looking for a flat stomach. Call Dr. Patrick Obasi from Nobel Cosmetic Surgery Plano, Texas, today to fix your appointment.
The tummy tuck is traditional plastic surgery. The tummy tuck is abdominoplasty which is done in the lower abdomen. The reversed tummy tuck is done under the breast, in the upper abdomen.
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Tummy Tuck procedure by Dr. Patrick Obasi

Tummy tuck to get the look you always dreamed about! Dr. Patrick Obasi from Noble Cosmetic Surgery Plano, TX, talks about the traditional Tummy Tuck and Abdominal Plastic Surgery for a sagging abdomen.

What is a tummy tuck?

Tummy tuck is a traditional abdominoplasty. We have people who have either lost some weight or have either had kids and have a sagging abdomen it concerns them, then we do the traditional tummy tuck.

What happens in the tummy tuck procedure?

This Tummy tuck is done on lower abdomen. We take out the tissue and fat below the middle and lower abdomen.

What is reverse tummy tuck?

Reverse tummy tuck is when you do the surgery from the top. Some people have already got a tummy tuck, and they didn’t get the result they wanted, so we remove excess, loose skin from the upper abdomen or the top.

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Dr. Patrick Obasi performs a fleur-de-lis abdominoplasty or an Anchor-type tummy tuck

Dr. Patrick Obasi proceeds step by step through a fleur-de-lis abdominoplasty. Click on the video below to watch the procedure from the start to finish alongside Dr. Obasi’s explanation of all the required steps.
This is doctor Patrick Obasi of Noble Cosmetic Surgery about to mark a patient for fleur-de-lis abdominoplasty or what we call anchor-lift tummy tuck. The patient is a 30-year-old female who has undergone a lap band for massive weight loss. She is present today for tummy tuck with liposuction of the sides. So we are about to mark the patient now. Now the patient has been marked for the abdominoplasty. All this we will take out—this part here and this portion here and possible this area here. Once we are in the operating room that is when we will remark based on what we do after the liposuction. The patient has been marked for fleur-de-lis, she has been given a local anesthetic and saline, now we are waiting for some time for it to sit in and now we are doing a normal liposuction.
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Vaginal rejuvenation at Noble Cosmetic Surgery

Are you looking to reshape the vaginal area due to childbirth or any other reason? Then Dr. Patrick Obasi might be able to help you. Click on the video to learn more.
Vaginal transformation with vaginoplasty or vaginal rejuvenation is a procedure that is being carried out at Noble Cosmetic Surgery Centre. In this procedure both the labia majora and/or labia minora are reshaped to make the female vaginal area look more aesthetically pleasing. This procedure is carried out under local anesthetic with little or no downtime.
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Kybella Treatment at Noble Cosmetic Surgery – Patrick Obasi, M.D. in Plano, TX

Watch Dr. Patrick Obasi of Noble Cosmetic Surgery explain the procedure to reduce submental fat or fat under the chin using Kybella, the only FDA-approved, non-surgical treatment for double chin reduction.

This is Dr. Patrick Obasi. I am about to do Kybella on a male patient. The Kybella has been drawn (has been drawn). I am about to place a grid or the tattoo marker. Remember, Kybella is the only FDA-approved non-surgical treatment for submental fat or fat under the chin.

So, as you can see, the grid has been placed. Count the number of grid and multiply by 0.2; that shows you the amount of Kybella that you have to draw for the patient.

We’ve counted the grid and I’m about to inject the Kybella. Remember you have to inject perpendicular to the dots. Here we are about to do the Kybella injection, starting from the patient’s right to left, 0.2 CC.

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Treatments for men at Noble Cosmetic Surgery – Dr. Patrick Obasi

Plastic surgery is not limited only to women. Men have a few treatments they can get done as well. The most popular procedure for men is gynecomastia surgery at Noble Cosmetic Surgery, which is for men with excess breast tissue. Watch the video to learn more treatment options available for men by Noble Cosmetic Surgery.

What are the most common procedures men do?

Most I have seen men do is Botox to try to take care of their wrinkles especially if they are getting ready for a family reunion or a high school reunion, they want to look younger. Some come in because they want fillers to address some issues with the face and of course we talked about Kybella which is a procedure for men too. We also do all kinds of implants for men.

What is the most popular procedure for men?

The most popular procedure for men is gynecomastia surgery, for men who have excess breast tissue. Most men who have this issue are athletic. This could be natural, or they could be taking some steroid that builds up, and at the end of the day, they want that to be removed.

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Gynecomastia or male breast removal surgery with Dr. Patrick Obasi

Dr. Patrick Obasi displays his surgical skill on a 26-year-old male patient who is awaiting a gynecomastia surgery on both pectoral regions of the body. Click the video to watch the procedure and the end results.

This is Dr. Patrick Obasi of Noble Cosmetic Surgery, today we have a gynecomastia surgery on a 26 year-old-male. Basically, gynecomastia is what we call a man’s boobs. So today first of all we are going to do liposuction on his chest and then whatever is left with the client we will have to excise that and after that we will do the whole liposuction of the abdomen and the sides to give him that six pack like structure.

The first is to mark the patents, as you can see the goal is to liposuction the whole chest and then as much of the glands as possible and then excise what is left of the glands. So, now I will mark the glands. There is good pectoral distance but then of course there is the problem of the fat on top of the muscle, we will make an incision here. We would probably have to shave him like I said – we will make an incision here and here and come in from here and from here and then liposuction. These are areas of interest that we will have to liposuction. After the liposuction we’re going to make a small incision here, this is done to excise whatever is left of the fibroglandular tissue.

This time around we are infiltrating the tumescent, which is the fluid which contains lidocaine epinephrine and bicarbonate. So right now, we are pumping him up. As you can see everything is swelling up right now. So, after I infiltrate the tumescent fluid we are going to give it some time, before liposuction. This is to help prevent bleeding mostly because the blood vessels will contract and of course give him more numbing. So, we are now in the stage of liposuction, we are using the Power X liposuction machine. This cannula goes in and turns 360 degrees. In this case, it extracts the fat without causing a tremendous injury to the tissue. Also, because it’s Power X, it uses less power, all you gotta do is push it in and it gradually extracts the fat instead of the manual where you keep pushing it in and out at a greater rate using much of your energy. This saves a lot of energy and at the same time it is less traumatic to the patient’s tissue.

Now, you can see the difference between the area that has been liposuctioned which is the patient’s right side and the left side which has not been liposuctioned. You can see almost everything here—the fat is gone. This area here still has the fat and the fibroglandular tissue. So, we are going to move to the other side and liposuction the area of the chest and the breast to make it symmetrical. As in the previous one, I will make a small cut and take out the fibroglandular tissue that we are not able to liposuction or extract. So, the last stage of this procedure is the excision of the fibroglandular tissue which we are doing right. As you can see the remaining glands the residual fat is being excised after that we will close here and go to the left and do the same, at the sea time let me show the symmetry of both sides. As you can see we have finished the surgery and the gynecomastia procedure. We did liposuction first, excised the residual fibroglandular tissue. We have closed the incision and you can see it looks very beautiful. So, he is going to be very, very happy and he just needs a little rest and then he is fine to walk out. So, this is the residual fibroglandular tissue we excised this is from the right and this is from the left. So, surgery is done, the results are beautiful.

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