Thoracoplasty (Back Lift) in Plano, TX & Desoto, TX

Thoracoplasty, commonly known as a back lift, is a cosmetic procedure intended to address excess skin and fat along the back and bra line areas. This procedure is especially beneficial for those with sagging skin resulting from significant weight loss or natural aging. During a thoracoplasty, incisions are strategically placed along the bra line or across the back, depending on the specific areas of concern. Through these incisions, lax skin and excess fat are removed, and the remaining skin is tightened and repositioned to produce a smoother, more contoured back appearance. This process not only enhances the contour of the back but also improves the fit and comfort of clothing, particularly around the bra area.

Thoracoplasty (Back Lift) in Plano, TX & Desoto, TX, is ideal for individuals who are self-conscious about excess skin and fat along their back and want a firmer, more youthful profile. This procedure is best suited for those who have maintained a stable weight and do not plan significant weight fluctuations, as these can affect the long-term results of the surgery. Results from a thoracoplasty are noticeable almost immediately after the procedure, with the ultimate outcome becoming increasingly apparent as the healing process progresses, typically over several months. The results are generally long-lasting, provided patients maintain a healthy lifestyle and stable weight. If you’re looking to improve the appearance of your back and enhance your overall silhouette, consider scheduling a consultation at Noble Cosmetic Surgery in Plano, TX, and Desoto, TX, to discuss the benefits of a thoracoplasty.

Benefits of Thoracoplasty (Back Lift)

  • Reduces excess skin and fat along the back and bra line.
  • Creates a smoother, tighter back appearance.
  • Enhances body contour and profile.
  • Improves the fit and look of clothes, especially around the upper back.
  • Boosts self-confidence and body image.
  • Offers long-term results with proper care.
  • Minimizes discomfort from undergarment strain.
  • Allows for greater comfort and mobility.
  • Enhances the overall balance of body proportions.
  • Provides relief from skin irritations caused by excess folds.


Ideal candidates are individuals with excess skin and fat along the back, are at a steady weight, do not smoke, and have reasonable expectations about the results of the surgery.

Initial results of a Thoracoplasty can be seen immediately following the surgery, but the final outcome will take several months to fully develop as swelling subsides and the skin adjusts to its new contours.

The results from a thoracoplasty are generally permanent, but significant weight gain or loss can affect the long-term appearance. Maintaining a consistent weight is crucial for preserving the results.

Recovery from a thoracoplasty can vary, but patients typically experience some swelling, bruising, and discomfort. Most patients can return to normal activities within a few weeks, following specific postoperative care instructions.

Before the surgery, it is important to avoid medications that can increase bleeding, maintain a stable weight, and stop smoking. After the procedure, following all postoperative instructions, including caring for the incision site and wearing compression garments, is essential for proper healing.

During a thoracoplasty, anesthesia is administered for comfort. Incisions are made in predetermined areas on the back, excess skin and fat are removed, and the remaining skin is tightened and sutured. The procedure typically lasts several hours, depending on the extent of the surgery.

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