Why more males are choosing to undergo liposuction than ever before

If you pay attention to advertising media, cosmetic surgery heavily focuses on bringing in women for procedures that will restore their youth and enhance their appearance. From breast implants to tummy tucks, women seem to have been a heavily sought-after target for years in cosmetic surgery. Modern times are seeing more men than ever before electing for cosmetic surgery, and one particularly popular procedure among males is liposuction. Men in the Frisco, Texas area visit Noble Cosmetic Surgery to learn more about this procedure and determine if it’s right for them.


It is becoming more apparent than ever before that males are seeking to improve muscle definition to achieve a body that is more athletic and muscular in appearance. Many men who choose liposuction are in reasonably good shape and already practice a healthy lifestyle, yet still struggle to gain the definition you would see in A-List celebrities such as Jason Statham or Daniel Craig. That isn’t to say that there aren’t overweight individuals seeking to get this procedure done. However, these individuals must adopt a lifestyle that will allow them to maintain the results from liposuction. 


While you may think that liposuction is more popular among younger men, it doesn’t mean older males are not taking advantage of the benefits offered by liposuction. Over the last few years, a growing trend has surfaced where cosmetic surgeons see more men above the age of fifty coming in for liposuction. You can say it is the new “mid-life crisis” or just a shift in the attitudes of older men towards remaining youthful in appearance, but the numbers do not lie. Older men are indeed taking advantage of liposuction in increasing numbers.

Cosmetic surgery for men is becoming more acceptable among the general public now more than ever before. If you want to learn more about liposuction and how it can help you get that body contour you have been seeking, please consider reaching out to Noble Cosmetic Surgery. To schedule an appointment or consultation with Dr. Patrick Obasi, please call 214-227-0668 today.



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